3B goes Oxford

The 3B decided to spend their English language week in Oxford, the city of spires.

Besides being the oldest, best and the most prestigious university in the world, Oxford is also rich in various styles of British architecture. Breathing in the air of scholars and walking the streets of wisdom is definitely a unique experience. Not only did the students tour the city’s most memorable areas but they also visited Christchurch, one of the 38 fantastic colleges of Oxford, where, as many of you will know, the films of Harry Potter, Downtown Abbey and many others were filmed

Like many Oxford students when celebrating their exams, the 3B went punting (in boats) on the river, starting in sunshine and hiding under romantic bridges during the rain, which often starts all of a sudden without a warning. Right next to the punting area, the students walked through the botanical gardens admiring exotic plants exhibited there.   

A unique experience was sharing lives with typical English host parents and attending language school in the mornings on weekdays. Every school day consisted of five 45-minute sessions taught by English language teachers. In the breaks, they played ping pong in the school’s garden or they started a game of pool inside, if it was raining. The school also offered a tea kitchen, where students could help themselves to have a typical English teatime break.  

On Saturday, they went to London by coach to see the most important sights like Tower Bridge, the Tower of London, the warship HMS Belfast, St. James’ Park and Buckingham Palace during a walking tour. In the Dungeon, various actors made history come alive by vividly acting out what life was like in the medieval times in London. Leicester Square/ China town was where they were picked up again by the coach. On Sunday, they went to London by train, got off at Paddington station and this time started exploring London using the Tube to get around. The first stop was at St. Paul’s Cathedral, crossing the Thames by using the Millennium Bridge, exploring Tate Gallery and taking great photos on its 10th floor, walking past the Globe Shakespeare’s theater. Next stop was Leicester square, China town and Covent garden where students watch the artists perform, had lunch in China town and finally went shopping in Oxford street. After another exciting day in London, the students finally got home at night to get some rest. 

On weekdays after school, the students went on field trips in and around Oxford. One interesting afternoon was spent in Wytham Woods, Oxford University's research forest, the most intensively-studied natural area on earth. Two conservationists lead the group explaining which measures are taken to secure healthy growth and to support wild life habitats. The forest also offers “Hill End” which are teaching grounds for English pupils to educate them about the environment, wildlife and trees, similar to our “Waldschule in Bruck an der Mur.

Enriched and fascinated by the English way of life, everyone came back safe and sound.  


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