Which competences are in our focus?

Professional Expertise

Our graduates possess the requisite knowledge and skills, as well as the experience with contemporary science and technology, to thrive in senior positions in a range of fields: forestry, natural area management, wood processing & bioenergy supply, natural disaster protection and more. A degree from the HBLF opens doors to a range of universities, applied science institutions and academies for our graduating students. They are able to combine and coordinate the demands of the natural world, the economy, and scientific progress in service of protecting livelihoods and maintaining a healthy environment.

Social Expertise

Graduates should be equally attentive to the concerns of rural communities and to global issues. They should affirm democratic principles, and understand our economic landscape in all its historical, cultural, and social aspects. Through projects and training programs in conjunction with partner firms, students receive ample experience in facing the challenges of working life.

published at 22.12.2021